Production Support Services

TRIDENTWINGS provides world class Production Support Services with unmatched experience and results that include all related activities in different shop floors including assembly, packaging, warehousing, logistic support and dispatch services. Our services are extended to various leading manufacturing units and a range of industries like Automobile, Automobile ancillaries, Glass, Steel, Electrical and electronic components, Heavy machinery, Foundries, Tyres, Pharma, Specialty Chemicals, Petro by products, etc.

Supported by a large pool of resources with varied skill sets to match the requirements of manufacturing units enables ramping up or down activities effectively, in a time bound manner while developing and maintaining a database of trained workforce as a buffer at all times for temporary placement.

Various contract models are offered  like Customized Contract Staffing models or Service Delivery Models or Turnkey models on output basis.

Our commitment to People, Processes and consistent quality are the three most important aspects of our business.

Our Quality Processes

  • Achieve highest level of quality  through process-driven service delivery methods
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by outperforming and with continuous improvement in quality standards
  • Contribute to industry with continuous innovations and improvements on quality and processes in our Quality Management Systems


Our industry is people oriented and we have a professional skills enhancement programme for the workforce. Continuous training and knowledge sharing ensures excellence in work output at all areas


Regular scheduled monitoring and quality customized services with continuous improvement ensures process flow resulting in a ‘Great Place to Work’ culture across our clients manufacturing facilities.

TRIDENTWINGS is aware of the sensitivity and confidential nature of all businesses and our services are designed to support your business, enabling your staff to function at optimum levels. It is essential that facilities operate smoothly to ensure ‘zero’ down time.

From pharmaceutical laboratories and large scale car manufacturing plants such as Hyundai, to food processing sites- TRIDENTWINGS has the expertise needed to support your businesses.

With all non-core support services needs like PPE, Equipments, waste & power management systems etc.

Our commitment is to deliver environmentally friendly, value for money solutions that are cost effective.

Online Production Support Services

  • Complete  line operations in engineering, assembly, body shops etc
  • Paint shop maintenance including booths
  • Material handling & movement at all shops
  • Plant operations

 Offline Production Support Services

Handling offline maintenance of manufacturing equipments such as motor, conveyers, hoists, skids, trolleys, pumps, vertical lifts, roof extractors, dock levelers, booth exhausts, etc

Handling statutory & legal compliances of equipments like pressure vessels, lpg pipeline and bullet thickness testing, transformer oil inspection, filtering and earth pit resistance monitoring

  • Manual & Crane operations
  • Store management
  • Material loading
  • Ware housing and despatch
  • Segregation,  stacking and measurement
  • Pre-delivery inspection operations
  • Waste segregation & disposal including oil wastes
  • Data entry, logistics and administration

Ware House Management

Service offerings

  • Complete  end to end Warehouse Management processes & system implementation
  • Assist &  manage day to day operations
  • Efficient and expert management of infrastructure
  • Vendor development and management
  • Performance of all contractual obligations by various sub-contractors,
  • Sharing of  knowledge base in the industry  and our expertise in terms of  best practices
  • Handle the operations at Inbound, Outbound, Replenishment, System training, process training etc.,
  • Accountable for receipts and dispatch
  • Consistently deliver inventory accuracy up to 97% or as required by the client
  • Keep the distribution center neat and clean
  • Follow the work practices, on mutually agreed terms  with the client
  • Supervisory teams  and below will be on need basis with  numbers varying as per requirement and freight movement
  • Coordinate with designated transport operator for smooth flow of vehicles from and to stores


  • Receipt of goods from various suppliers (Unloading)
  • Sorting and grading of Unloaded materials
  • Storing
  • Batch making
  • Standardization of crates
  • Order processing (providing material issue note)
  • Loading (for Transportation)
  • Transport related co ordination
  • Inter cellular movement
  • Waste management
  • Rejected item management
  • Housekeeping
  • MIS preparation
  • Quality control in all the stages
  • Co ordination with Management team

Additional Support Services

  • House Keeping, Pest Control, Electrical Mechanical Maintenance, Security Services and Transport arrangements.
  • Transportation of material in and out of Distribution center.
  • Any add-on Service delivery, coordination and supervision.