Growth, project launch, business expansion, channel expansion, acquisitions, mergers, slowdowns & fast changing business needs are the factors influencing an industry – big or small, to take an analytical look at their labor. TRIDENTWINGS offers a stable platform that holds the people in the same way during the different phases of any business.

Our expertise lies in managing up scaling and downscaling of staff, payouts across geographies, central and state compliances and all administrative processes. Our active partnership with an organization’s business and growth strategies bring out fruitful results and delivers freedom from Human Resource Management issues.

Our forte of sourcing people for your business on demand basis in a short span of time developed an indomitable reputation for us. We have successfully delivered highly trained professional people in all the business segments within a short time.

Our roles and responsibility in staffing:

Sourcing & Data Base Generation

It is a day-to-day continuous process. We are expanding our database – through walk-in at our office, Personal Reference through our employees, by participating in job fair, regular contact with Colleges & Institutions, through portals and social networks.


Suitable candidates are screened from the data base after taking the input from the client regarding skill set, job description and payout.

Shortlisting/ Interview-Level1

By us, at our office – Verification of certificates, ID & address proof and antecedent check, briefing job description and payout.


Done by Client at their location


Based on mail confirmation from the client, appointment letter & ID issued by us

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Workforce Hiring