Mechanical & Electrical Services

Seamless performances of equipment and installations are highly important and critical to the business environment. TRIDENTWINGS ensures that a robust process and system is designed considering Efficiency, Health, Safety and Environment, Risk management and cost benefits to the facility. Our processes for O and M, Planned Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance Planning and Business Continuity Plans ensure 100% compliance with statutory regulations. We also work in close coordination with nominated supply partners, sub-contractors ensuring their performance while cross mapping all processes and systems with the client’s quality management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, etc.

Facility Management (Technical)

Technical facility management can be described as something that will,

  • Deliver effective and responsible service
  • Enable changes in the use of space in future
  • Sweat the assets, i.e., make them highly cost effective
  • Create Competitive advantage for the organization’s core business
  • Enhance the organization’s culture and image


Managing Facilities efficiently and effectively. A robust strategy is developed within the context of the organization’s business plan and space/accommodation.


Following are the advantages of the technical services.

  • Step up the increasing expectations of facility users.
  • Develop maintenance strategy.
  • Focus on managing expenses, cutting utility costs and gaining bottom line value from asset management.
  • Relate to the causes of sick building syndrome.
  • Understand how to justify improvement of projects or replacement of equipment.
  • Understand how to trouble shoot problems working with the team and manage changes during implementation of new projects.
  • Understand the operations of Computerized Management System (CMS).
  • Maintenance philosophies: Why Preventive Maintenance? Break down of Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Critical Assessment, Energy Efficiency Conserving Technologies, Fire safety, PPM, Maintenance, Testing and Inspection.

TWCS Commitment

  • Technically qualified staff with hands on experience will be deployed
  • Grooming standard will be maintained
  • All the staff will be suitably trained to work on site
  • Necessary check lists and SOP will be provided
  • All equipment and machinery will be maintained to perform at optimum efficiency
  • PPM will be done and documented
  • Value adds like energy conservation and updating technology developments will be carried out
  • Technical Audit will be conducted every year